April 6, 2012

"The Journey of a Son" Documentary

“The Journey of a Son” (click the link) documents what I believe to be a movement that is taking place among the body of Christ; a movement to rediscover, recapture, and relive the Pauline paradigm of spiritual fatherhood and sonship. This video parallels the need of natural fathers to the need for spiritual fathers by looking at my life and ministry experience. Throughout the video numerous interviews are recorded that engage the hearts of senior pastors, young adult pastors, and youth pastors of different local congregations in the San Francisco Bay Area to gain a deeper understanding of how this paradigm is surfacing within the body of Christ.

In partnership with "The Journey of a Son" (josephsevier.blogspot.com), the Abba Conference (abbaconference.org) is designed to answer the questions: Why do I exist? Who am I? What am I? What I do with my life? It is a two-day gathering of passionate worship, awe-inspiring teaching, and creative performances that bring people into a face-to-face encounter with their Purpose, Identity, Nature, and Mission through the lens of the fatherhood of God.

Join us in September 2012 in rediscovering the fatherhood of God. For more information please visit at abbaconference.org and check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/abbaconference