December 29, 2012

Excuses Are Killing You

As a coach & leader I hate nothing more than hearing excuses. However, I have notice I seem to hate it when others make excuses, but when it comes to making change in my life excuses are often the first things that float through my mind & shoot out my mouth. Why? Because it’s always easier to see what needs to change in others lives than it is seeing what needs to change in my life. Or, I KNOW the changes that I should make if I want to live better in my life, but I really don’t BELIEVE that I need to change in order to live better – knowing truth & believing truth are two very different things.

It is often not until you recognize that your excuses are killing you that you get sick & tired of being sick & tired. You need to stop taking it on the chin & punch back! It’s actually quite simple. If you want to lose weight & build muscle you need to eat right & exercise. If you want to get out of debt you need to work hard & stop borrowing money. God has made some things very simple, but sometimes we refuse to prosper because of one little word, "CONVENIENCE." 

It’s time to kick CONVENIENCE in the face & refuse to remain where you are! It's time to stop trying to live EASY & start living RIGHT.

Whether it is a failing relationship, towering debt, unhealthy eating habits, self-destructive behaviors, unforgiveness, or detrimental thinking, until you are willing to exchange your excuses for truth you will remain where you are. Until you are willing to exchange your convenience for right living you will remain where you are. If you want to start living right then you need to start acting right. If you want to start acting right then you need to start speaking right. If you want to start speaking right then you need to start thinking right. And, if you want to start thinking right you need to start believing right – you need to change, believe it or not!

It’s simple, but simple is not always easy.

If it were then more people would live better, more people would live right. Right living is not complicated, but it can be difficult. Stop settling for the easy. If you are not willing to be inconvenienced then you are choosing to remain where you are, no matter what you say & no matter how good your intentions!

With all the love in my heart I say, stop making excuses & grow up! You're either going to live different, change yourself, & change the world or you're going to drown yourself in the puddles of mediocrity & petty rationalizations. You choose, but just know that you chose.

Believing, thinking, speaking, acting, & living different doesn’t just happen. It takes time, effort, sacrifice, & training. You have heard of physical training, now it’s time to learn to soul train. Get the internal right & the external cannot help but follow.

It’s time to stop letting excuses kill you & start truly living. If you’re looking for a way to change your thinking & help you break the shackles of excuses I highly recommend this new devotional from Pastor Benjamin Robinson, “Through The Mighty Waters: A Personal Trainer For The Soul.” Start with your soul, the rest will follow.

For information on the book check out the links below (available on Amazon & Google for under $3):