August 6, 2012

From The Mountain To The World

Every believer loves powerful mountain top experiences with God. However, when your only encounter with God’s presence is on the mountain top then something is wrong. The mountain was never meant to be the place where we remain, it was meant to be the place of encounter that propels us to take what’s on the mountain to the world. 

God’s desire was never just to encounter His people in mountain top experiences,
but to fill them with 
His very self.  

 God’s desire is that every believer would embrace their call to be His temple (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) & carry His presence into the specific context in which He has placed them. The world is longing to experience the presence of God & every believer has the call make it known. The question is do we allow the presence of God that we encounter on the mountain top to permeate every aspect of our lives when we come off the mountain? 

Your call to carry 
God’s presence to the world 
begins in your context; for your starting place, search no further than where you are.

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