August 8, 2012

Feeling Lonely At The Top?

One of the greatest myths in leadership is that “It’s lonely at the top.” While this may be true for specific moments or experiences, it is never a true lifestyle of great leaders. Great leaders are always propelled by great people, directly or indirectly. Therefore, in order for you to have advanced to the top there must have been people who came alongside you in the process. The discipline is to acknowledge them & choose to bring them to the top with you.
The reality is that if it is consistently lonely at the top then you are probably not leading. 

As I have heard it said, “If you think you are leading but look behind you & don’t see anyone following, then you are simply taking a walk.” A great leader does not strive to excel alone, but intentionally brings others where he or she is going. A great leader sets up his or her followers to excel far beyond the level he or she has ever reached.

If you’re leading in any area of your life & you are consistently alone, you may need to ask yourself, 
“Am I truly leading or simply taking a walk?”

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