August 19, 2012

Two Becoming One = Exponential Increase

Two becoming one does not equal loss, 
it equals exponential increase!  

My wife is currently on a mission trip in Indonesia where our team is ministering Jesus’ love at an orphanage & hosting a huge crusade, expecting 10,000 people! Honestly, I am so proud of her for stepping out & pursuing the dreams God has placed in your heart. At the same time, this is the longest I have ever been away from her, not being able to see her or talk with her. I totally miss her! 

However, I realized that wherever either one of us go, we truly are going together. The awesome thing about being married is that the two become one. We don’t completely lose our sense of individuality, of which many are so afraid. We actually have divinely, exponentially multiplied our influence. My wife is able to be in Indonesia representing us, while I am able to be home representing us. 

The lives she touches, I touch. 
And the lives I touch, she touches.

Since our lives have so drastically transformed one another’s, I am never ‘just’ Joseph. I am Joseph who has become a better & richer man, friend, brother, son, pastor, leader, & lover because of Andrea. Part of who she is has become part of me & vice versa.

Everywhere either one of us goes, 
the other is present. 

Everyone who is touched by one of us is always touched by the other. That is how God designed marriage; that is how He designed the two becoming one. It’s not about being incomplete & then getting married to someone who makes you complete. And, it's not about either one of you decreasing in who has called you to be! It’s about two complete people in Him being united & exponentially increasing the influence He gives them.

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