January 12, 2013

Focus On Your Goals #1: It’s a Brain Game

When you are pursuing a goal failing is not the hardest part of the process. The hardest part of the process is training your mind to stay focused on the goal, training your heart to have resolve, & training your spirit to know that a son can never fail. When the mind, heart, & spirit are intact defeat will never be known & victory is most assuredly yours. Let’s talk about the mind for a second.

Your mind is either your greatest asset or enemy. It has been said by Navy Seals that the average human being only uses 20% of his or her body capacity because as soon as the person’s mind tells him or her it is time to stop the person usually stops. When you are pushing past a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual barrier, it will hurt! This is natural. But just because it hurts does not mean you don’t have the capacity to go farther. You’ve heard the mantra, “No pain, no gain!”

When you’re pursuing a goal you have to keep the end result in mind. If you are doing something you never done you will, at least at one point in the process, want to quit. However, the desire to quit is not quitting! Choosing to allow yourself to be mentally taken out of the game is quitting because your emotions & body will follow your thoughts. Sometimes you need to talk back to your mind & say, “Shut up! You’re going to think what I command you to think & my body is going to do what I command it to do!”

Have you ever felt powerless to change your thoughts? Most often people feel as if they cannot control their thoughts; they feel that whatever thoughts come in their minds they have to just accept them. Let me encourage you, you are not powerless to change your thoughts. You don’t need to accept everything that finds its way into your mind.

Paul tells Christians to, “Set your heart on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things” (Colossians 3:1-2). We have to learn how to intentionally set our mind on the right things. Why? Because our mind wanders, gets distracted, & can be easily deterred.

What are some thoughts that have kept you from focusing on your goals or have knocked you off track?

Please take a moment to share & let’s walk this journey together. We’re going to pursue great things this year & not settle for anything less.


  1. Not reviewing my goals everyday keeps me off track! =/

    1. That is so real! I find the same thing happen. I have started putting 30 mins in my schedule to review my daily goals in the morning, 15 mins to review them at the end of the work day, & 15 mins before I go to bed. You can't expect what you don't inspect :)